Ad-Hoc Business Support

Flexible Ad-Hoc Support for Business Success: Choose Our 'Pay As You Go' Packages or One-Off Solutions Tailored to Tackle Common Business Challenges. Efficient, Customised and affordable Assistance for Your Unique Needs.


Pay As You Go

Our pay as you go option allows you to pick as many hours you need, without having to pay for a monthly subscription. Working with a virtual assistant using pay as you go hours is ideal if you need ad hoc business support, are on a budget, or need less hours than our basic support plan of 5 hours per month. At £50 per hour, pay as you go business support is a cost effective solution so that you can achieve more at a time and budget to suit you and your business needs. If you run out of time, simply top up! Any unused time remains on your account until used.

How It Works

You can either click on the button in the menu to book a call to discuss your requirements first, or go ahead and purchase your pay as you go hours. Once you do that, we'll contact you to find out more about the support you need, and then match you with a VA with the right skills. They can get started within 24-48 hours.


CorpFlex Business Assistants for Temporary Staff Cover/Project Based Work

Our CorpFlex Business Assistance is a service available to businesses looking for business support for projects or temporary staff cover, at more than 20 hours per month. If you require 20 hours per month or less, and you need support for longer than one month, great news, you can sign up to one of our monthly subscriptions, which will give you access to a CorpFlex Business Assistant. Our monthly support plans work out more cost-effective than pay as you go hours, so, it's well worth it if you anticipate needing the support of a VA for longer than one month. If you anticipate needing more than a 20 hour per month support plan, you can take advantage of our CorpFlex Business Assistance.

How It Works

For a 20 hour per month or less support plan for more than one month, simply head over to our pricing page to gauge how much it's going to cost. From there, book a call to discuss your exact requirements and one of our skilled account managers will help you in matching you to the perfect remote personal assistant for your temporary staff cover or project needs. If you require more than 20 hours per month, a CorpFlex Business Assistant will be the better solution. We can tailor a bespoke quote based on your exact requirements with built-in flexibility and terms to suit your business needs. Download the CorpFlex Business Assistance brochure and book a call to find out more about how we can support you or find out more about CorpFlex Business Support here.


One-Off Support

Our experience as a virtual assistant agency means we've gained a pretty good insight into some of the most common problems business owners face, and need help with, without having to subscribe to a monthly support plan. If one of our business support one-off solutions is not on the list, don't worry, we can still offer you assistance with a skilled, UK based virtual assistant specialised in the area of expertise you require. Check out our one-off packages below.

Automation Set-Up

Need a welcome email sequence building or a "if this happens, do this" series of commands? No problem! One of our awesome tech VAs can help. We offer a 2 hour session to work on whatever automations you need. We advise you to write out what it is you want to achieve, or the solution you are looking for, to save as much time as possible, and maximise how much time a tech VA can focus on your project. We'll aim to complete as many automation/workflows as you require in those two hours but if we don't finish them all, simply top up your account using our pay as you option, to add more hours on as and when you need them. We have tech VAs that specialise in Zapier, and a multitude of CRM systems including Active Campaign, Go High Level, FEA Create, Hubspot, Capsule and more. The cost for Automation Set-Up is just £90. You can either book a call to discuss your requirements in more detail, or buy that time now and we'll contact you to get you set up with a tech VA who can get started within 24-48 hours.



Inbox Clean-Up

Is your email inbox getting you down? Do you find yourself avoiding it? Included in our Inbox Clean-Up package is a free audit of your inbox in order to produce agreed suggestions for improvement which includes creating/organising labels & folders, moving emails that need to be kept into relevant labels/folders and unsubscribing from agreed spam as well as creating rules which should leave you with an organised system. No work will take place until you are happy with the agreed suggestions. This costs just £60 however, if you have more than 2,000 emails that need to be organised, time will be limited to 2 hours. Once the time is up, you will need to add additional hours to your account at our pay as you go rate, to complete any outstanding work. Book a call to secure your inbox clean-up wizard or buy your time right now and we can get started within 24-48 hours!



CRM Migration/Course and Membership Configuration

If you're switching from one CRM system to another, but don't know where to start or don't have the time to do it, one of our tech VAs can definitely help. Highly skilled in CRM automation, management, set-up and maintenance, a tech VA can migrate your CRM from one system to another, ensuring fields are accurately mapped, and no contacts are lost. If instead, you require someone to build out a course or membership, as long as you have all the videos, downloads and materials available, we can get this set-up for you too. This costs £200 and we can get started within 48 hours. Simply book a call to discuss your requirements in more detail.




Website Tidy-Up

You might already know exactly what it is you need help with, whether it's making edits or improvements to your website, adding images, links or pages, or ensuring your website is SEO friendly and optimised for mobile and tablet use. But we also offer a free audit of your website to make suggestions for improvements which includes overall appearance, content ideas, missing keywords and checking for accessibility issues. Our website tidy-up service utilises the skills of an experienced web developer, qualified in SEO and website building. This is a perfect support solution if you're time poor or not very tech savvy, but can't afford the service of a web developer. To get started use the button below to submit your requirements and we'll take a look at your website. We'll send you your free audit with any additions to issues you have already outlined, and you can either agree to include those suggestions (at no extra cost) or work on only the tasks you have planned. This service costs £75.


Professional Minute Taking and Transcription

L.T. VA Services offers meticulous minute-taking and transcription services for both virtual and in-person meetings. Our team ensures accurate, unbiased recording of your discussions, capturing every detail with the utmost integrity. Whether it's attending online meetings, providing on-site services, or transcribing audio recordings, our flexible and confidential approach caters to various business needs. We emphasize precision, neutrality, and timeliness, turning your meetings into clear, coherent records, aiding in your strategic analysis and decision-making. Our services are a valuable tool for businesses prioritising thorough documentation and effective communication.

To get an instant online quote and learn more about pricing, please use this link:

Struggling to gauge how much virtual assistance you might need? Don't worry, we're here to help. Simply schedule a quick chat with us. Our role isn't to sell or pressure you into a plan that doesn't fit your needs – far from it. Instead, we're here to listen and understand. We'll provide an honest assessment of the monthly hours we believe you might require, even if it's minimal. Our philosophy encourages taking small, manageable steps rather than jumping headlong into potential chaos. So why wait? Schedule a call to discover your ideal business support plan. Don't put it off another day.

Simply Admin

From £150/Month

Emails, invoices and more

Document creation

Diary and calendar management

Admin + Tech

From £225/Month

Most Popular

CRM, Automation, websites

Ideal for business coaches

Software troubleshooting

System set-up & maintenance

Admin + Marketing

From £225/Month

Social media management

Ad campaigns

PR Support

Frequently Asked Questions

We've been asked it all before...

What happens if I want to cancel my support plan?

You can cancel your support plan at any time however, we advise that you let us know in advance that you would like to cancel before your next reset date. Your reset date is the date you originally started your plan and will be the same date your payment is taken every month. We will cancel your plan and you can use your time until then. Any time left over or already banked, rolls over for up to one month. There are no additional charges involved with canceling your plan. You can cancel your plan by opening the relevant support ticket or contacting your account manager. 

What are the benefits of pausing my support plan?

Pausing your plan is a great idea if you have rolled-over time that you would like to use up. Whilst your plan is on pause, you won't be charged anything. We will contact you to check if you want to restart your plan, once your rolled-over time has been used. Pausing your plan rather than canceling it makes it easier as you don't have to set everything up from scratch again. We can pick up where we left off with no delay. You may also want to consider pausing your plan if your cash flow forecast isn't looking good or your business is going through a difficult time, but you will want to resume services at some point in the future. By pausing your plan we can keep in touch with you and simply restart without you having to sign up, once you're ready to get going again. Paused plans are cancelled after 3 months. To pause your plan open the relevant support ticket or speak to your account manager. 

What if I want my VA to do something they do not know how to do?

If you ask your VA to perform a task or undertake a project that they cannot do, simply open a new enquiry ticket or contact your account manager and we'll match you with a VA who has the right skills or time. This VA will not usually replace your current assistant unless you want us to do that, but instead, they will split some of the time with your current assistant to complete the necessary work. 

What happens if I sign up for a support plan without booking a call?

Not everyone wants to speak on the phone and that's fine! If you know you need support and simply want to dive straight in, you can book your ideal support plan without having to book a call first. We will contact you via email to find out more about your specific needs, and then give you the option to view 3 profiles of assistants we have identified as a good match, or, we can match you to a VA ourselves. Your VA will then contact you to get all the necessary information they need to get started, and it's as simple as that! 

Who pays for phone calls, subscriptions and licenses?

If tasks you provide need licenses, specialist software, subscriptions, or similar, these may need to be purchased by you. If you require phone calls to be made, you will need to provide us with a Skype account or similar VoIP system. Alternatively, you can add on a monthly telephone answering service, which gives your VA 500 minutes per month to make calls for you. This is an additional £28 per month. VAs should never have to incur costs to work with you. However, it's always worth asking your VA if they already have a subscription service to something you need or were considering signing up for. If VAs have them already, they usually won't mind using their current subscription. 

How do you keep all of my data secure?

Our Virtual Assistants are associates, which means they work as freelancers, not as employees. All associates MUST provide valid insurance to work with us. We also ask them to only use secure password managers to store client information and, to work in the cloud as much as possible, rather than storing information on desktops. How much of that they can do, comes down to how you as a client, shares information with them. We always recommend that our clients use password managers and insist that their assistants do too, we highly recommend 1Password. We are also ICO registered as are our VAs. You can see our certificate by clicking the link in the footer. We are happy to sign NDAs if required and you can request your assistant to sign any additional policies you feel necessary. Our VAs are also offered regular cyber security training, and we work alongside an AI policy to ensure your data is never uploaded via Long Language Models such as ChatGPT.

What happens if I don't use all of my time?

We try to be as flexible as possible, therefore, we allow our clients to roll over their time for up to 1 month. You have access to a bespoke time portal where you can track your banked time. you can also pause your plan until your rolled over time is used up. There aren't many VA agencies that will do that!

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