Lead Generation

At L.T. VA Services, you can take advantage of lead generation services that builds you powerful prospecting lists, and secures appointments in your diary at the fraction of the cost of other lead generation specialists, and here's why...

Lead generation is not the fundamental, core aspect of our business. Rather, it is a service we offer alongside our monthly and CorpFlex support solutions. Therefore, we offer an alternative to full service lead generation that would otherwise costs hundreds per day.

What's Included?

  • Building out your prospecting list based on your ideal customer profile

  • Emailing and telephoning leads to secure appointments

  • Developing your messaging strategy

  • A dedicated lead gen VA who works solely on lead generation to maintain focus

  • Gathering verified data including email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects

How much does it cost?

We like to keep things simple, and our low cost lead generation service is no different. You will need to take out a monthly Simply admin + Marketing plan with us, which starts at £225 per month for 5 hours, however, we highly recommend a 10 hour support plan for this level of work. In addition, if you wish for us to make calls on your behalf, you will need to bolt on our telephone answering service, at £28 per month. Lastly, we use Sales Navigator, as well as other tools to build our lead lists and secure data to find you the contact details of the people you are looking for. But because our service is flexible, offering you no contracts and free cancellation whenever you like, we will require you to purchase a *Core Sales Navigator plan at £79.99 per month under your own LinkedIn account, which you will need to give us access to. You can cancel this anytime you like, and by separating the costs in this way, you have complete transparency on what you are paying for.

*If you do not have a Linkedin account, you can purchase a similar plan from Endole: https://www.endole.co.uk/app/pricing/

Telephone Answering Costs

500 Mins Plan

£28.00 per month

Includes up to 500 minutes call-back on UK mobile and landline numbers

Call barring & queuing included

To give you an example...

Monthly support plan 5 hours at £225 per month

500 Mins telephone answering at £28 per month

Sales Navigator (paid by you separately) £79.99 per month

Total cost: £332.99 per month

Lead generation services

Why Us?

We aren't going to promise to book you 20 calls in 30 days. We're going to get you results, but we cannot guarantee set numbers, because we invest in a select amount of good quality lead generation resources, to get the best results possible, rather than paying hefty licenses that bigger lead generation companies pay, to secure more data. Those costs are inevitably passed on to you, and if you can afford to pay that, we recommend using those companies instead, in fact, we highly recommend Paragaon Sales Solutions. Sales Navigator is a tool that a lot of these agencies use too, only we aren't trying to take a cut of that cost which is why we've asked you to pay it instead.

Not only does it make the price transparent, but you can control your budget. We are very much led by you. You tell us who you want to target, and we'll start building your lead list, how you want us to contact your leads is up to you. We can build out a nurturing sequence, sending out emails over a number of weeks to build trust, we can go in cold, straight off the bat with cold emails, we can email first and then follow up with calls, we can get appointments booked into your diary for you to follow up on, or we can follow up for you. The choice is yours, but the price stays the same, the only thing to consider, is that the more emails you send and the more calls you ask us to make, the more time on your account we will use.

The Next Steps

To book our lead generation services, you will need to book a call first, so we can understand your needs and decide whether or not we can offer you the service you require. Together, we can work out the best amount of hours to suit your expectations, and talk through the stages of building your lead list and getting started. So, what are you waiting for?

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