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We're always up to something new, and we want to celebrate our successes and changes with you! So let's dive in and find out what's happening with L.T. VA Services. 

L.T. VA Services Gives A Talk About Email Marketing

Lisa Tennant recently gave a talk at the Cromford Business Networking meeting entitled How To Make The Most Of Your Email Marketing (And Build A List Too). The talk was full of great ideas on how to build your mailing list, why it matters, and what to do with the people on your list once you have them. Interested in booking Lisa for a similar talk? Get in touch.

L.T. VA Services Scoops 2 Finalist Positions In The West Midlands PA Awards

It was an utter delight for L.T. VA Services to become finalists in not just one but two categories of the West Midlands PA Awards 2024. We were up for Team Of The Year and Virtual Assistant Business Of The Year. Although we didn't win we were up against some stiff competition and out heartfelt congratulations goes out to the winners of each category.

West Midlands PA wards Finalists

CEO Talks About Failures in Business with Rob Spence

Lisa Tennant joined owner of Paragon Sales Solutions Rob Spence,and his co-host Sophia Grace to talk about her failures in business over the last 20 years. This light-hearted podcast episode promises to give lots of giggles as well as insight on the mistakes to avoid when running your own business.

CEO Lisa Tennant Gets Personal On The Beyond The Fail Podcast

Lisa started her entrepreneurial journey with a laundry business in 2004, which she expanded from a simple ironing service to a full-scale domestic and commercial operation. Despite the success, Lisa faced significant challenges, including managing the business single-handedly for many years, which led to personal and professional strain. A pivotal moment came with the birth of her son, who was in intensive care for many months, which forced Lisa to reevaluate her business strategy and begin delegating tasks. This change not only helped her business grow but also allowed her to achieve a better work-life balance. Lisa's story is a powerful reminder of the importance of seeking help and adapting business strategies to improve both personal well-being and business success. Throughout the conversation, Lisa emphasised the value of resilience, the impact of her upbringing on her business philosophy, and the importance of maintaining control over one's life and career.

Beyond The fail Podcast

CEO Lisa Tennant launches Derbyshire Networking Group

When Lisa Tennant, CEO of L.T. VA Services, failed to find a networking group in her local town of Ashbourne, Derbyshire, she decided to take action and launched a networking group of her own. The Ashbourne Business Networking Group launched on the 10th October and was a great success. For anyone looking for a new, informal and social networking group in and around Derbyshire, check this out:

networking event ashbourne, derbyshire

Talking about Reclaiming your Business Hours with Rebecca Heald

We are Finalists!

This year (2023) we are delighted to have become finalists in the Derbyshire Business Awards for Business Improvement Through Technology. L.T. VA Services have invested heavily in a bespoke time portal to accurately record time spent on client tasks, allow associates to invoice directly and for clients to gain access to the portal so that they can keep an eye on their time and their budget. Winners are announced on the 10th November. 

virtual assistant services Derbyshire
virtual assistant services Derby

Sharing Tips For Reclaiming Time on The Radio 

What would you do differently in your business if you got the opportunity for a “do-over”? CEO Lisa Tennant explains how she did just that on the Erewash Sound Business Show.

Driven by a passion to help business owners reclaim their time to fulfill their dreams whether that’s time for a holiday, to spend with family, or just to think and make plans, Lisa explains how and why she did things differently with L.T. VA Services.

We're in the Sun!

What made Lisa Tennant, CEO of L.T. VA Services want to start this amazing virtual assistant agency? Well, apart from helping struggling business owners, it was to enable her to travel and work from anywhere in the world! Find out more about how Lisa has traveled and homeschooled her children whilst building L.T. VA Services. Lisa hopes the story will inspire other business owners to free up their time to follow their dreams. 

virtual assistant services
tech VA UK

Teaching you how to get started with CRM automation

On the 24th of May, CEO Lisa Tennant gave a talk at the Cromford Mill Business Networking meeting at the historic Cromford Mill, Matlock. The subject was Getting Started with CRM Automation. Lisa is passionate about helping businesses save time and knows how powerful automated processes can be, and how much time they can save business owners. Lisa gave a live demo, teaching the audience how to build a simple automated welcome email sequence. The feedback was amazing and Lisa was asked to talk again at another local networking event. 

Doing Our Bit for Causes

CEO of L.T. VA Services, Lisa Tennant has been working with the children's support organisation; Cherished, for the last year. Cherished and Roar provides volunteer mentors to children in schools, who are for whatever reason, going through hard times. It's an important cause, giving children who might otherwise be on the path to an unfortunate future, the hope and guidance to not only stay out of trouble but feel as though they have someone there to support and listen to them. In September 2022 Lisa joined others to take part in the Wolf Run to help raise over £2,000 for Cherished. What an achievement!

Virtual assistant services UK
Virtual assistant services

£100 Amazon Vouchers flying out

In 2022 we introduced an amazing incentive scheme. For every client on board with L.T. VA Services, they get a unique coupon code that they can share with people they know. Once that code is applied, not only does the person who signed up to join us get 20% off their next TWO months' invoices, the referer gets a £100 Amazon Gift Voucher. So far, this scheme has been really well received with clients reaping the rewards. 

Telling everyone how to save time

Lisa Tennant has recently enjoyed appearing on a number of podcasts, talking about how L.T. VA Services was started so that she could travel the world, why people fear delegation, and how to solve it. You can check those out here. ​

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L.T. VA Services Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 13629800