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Maximize Efficiency: Save Time on Appraisals with Expert VA Support

Empower your team to focus on core business goals by leaving the intricate appraisal process to our specialised Virtual Assistants. Discover how our tailored services can free up valuable time without the need for additional resources.

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Taking time to focus on appraisals and employee performance reviews can be a significant challenge for businesses. The administrative burden often diverts valuable time and resources away from strategic growth initiatives, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. Our outsourcing solutions are meticulously designed to address these challenges head-on. By entrusting the logistical and administrative tasks associated with appraisals and employee performance reviews to our expert virtual assistants, your business can reclaim precious time and resources.

Streamlined Efficiency

Reduce the administrative workload of managing appraisals and employee performance reviews, allowing your team to focus on strategic business goals rather than getting bogged down by the details.

Expertise and Accuracy

Leverage the specialised knowledge of our virtual assistants, who bring precision and expertise to the appraisal process, ensuring thorough and accurate evaluations that contribute to meaningful employee development.

Cost-Effective Resource Management

Outsourcing the appraisal process to our experienced VAs offers a cost-efficient alternative to expanding your internal team, optimising your budget while maintaining high standards of quality and confidentiality.

How It Works

virtual assistant support plans

1. Book a Call

The first step is to book a call with one of our experienced account managers. Talk to them about your current process, at what step in that process you need support, whether that's from the preparation stage right up to post-appraisal support, or bespoke requirements based on the gaps you have in resources. We'll need to know how many appraisals/employee performance reviews you need completing, and any deadlines we need to be aware of.

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2. Co-Create Your Support Plan

We don't believe a one-size fits all approach work when it comes to outsourcing your appraisals. Instead, together with your input and budget, we'll create a support plan based on your exact requirements.

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3. Choose Your VA/Team

Once you're happy with the quote provided, we'll match you with the right VA or team. You might need more than one person to assist with your appraisal reviews, especially if you have a large workforce. You will get the opportunity to meet your VA/team and make any changes you wish to make.

Temporary staff and project staff cover

4. Accept Your Proposal

With the team and proposal in place, the next step is to pay 50% of the cost up front. The remaining 50% is paid upon completion of work.

Meet Some Of Our Team

met the team for VA appraisal support

Dena is our Level 5 CIPD Qualified HR Associate. Handling large teams is a breeze for Dena! Dena has experience in HR management & support for all sales and commercial functions

Before founding L.T. VA Services Lisa managed a team of employees and the creation and execution of appraisals was a an annual task Lisa had to complete including offering feedback and reporting back to board members.

Kirsty manages to matching of client to VA and taking care of clients once onboarded. She's your go-to person whenever you have questions, need to make changes to your support or need assistance in any way, shape or form.

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How It Works

Want to know more about our outsourced appraisal support? Ready to co-create your support plan? Schedule your consultation call now and let's make a plan for success.

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