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When it comes to your administrative and HR needs, our comprehensive support plan hits the mark. If you're after fundamental admin and HR support, minus the intricacies of automation oversight, website management, or social media campaigns, look no further. Our dedicated service puts a spotlight on your critical admin, recruitment and HR tasks, freeing you up to focus entirely on your central business operations.

What can you expect from our Admin + HR Support Plan?

Admin Support

  • Email & Calendar: Managing and organizing emails and schedules.

  • Document & Data Handling: Creating and editing documents, and handling data entry.

  • Travel & Research: Booking travel and conducting business research.

  • Customer & Meeting Coordination: Handling customer inquiries and coordinating meetings.

  • Invoice & Report Management: Creating invoices and reports, and ensuring their tracking.

  • File & Task Management: Organizing digital files and tracking task completion.

  • Project & Vendor Management: Overseeing projects and liaising with vendors.

  • Transcription & Editing: Transcribing notes, proofreading, and editing documents.

  • Onboarding & Confidentiality: Assisting new hires and managing sensitive information.

Employee Support

  • Employee Handbooks: Meticulous formatting to ensure clarity, ease of reference, and professional presentation.

  • Employment Contracts: Amending and updating employment contracts with accuracy and attention to legal details.

  • Correspondence: Crafting and formatting professional correspondence, ensuring clear communication that upholds your brand image.

  • Meeting Assistance: Reliable note-taking during various meetings, capturing essential points and facilitating follow-up actions.

  • HR Content Creation: Developing engaging, informative HR content for various platforms, including blogs and newsletters, tailored to your audience.

  • Breathe HR Support: Offering robust setup and maintenance support for Breathe HR, ensuring seamless operation of your HR systems.

Recruitment Support

  • Job description/advert creation

  • Posting job adverts on your preferred platform

  • Managing a dedicated recruitment inbox or emails

  • Shortlisting candidates by suitability

  • Organising interviews

  • Obtaining references

  • Onboarding processes

How does it work?

It's not always easy to let someone else help you, but we aim to make that process easy and simple

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What others say
virtual assistant support plans

Kirsty Waite - Owner of the Ethical Coaching Company

Having a VA has given me a huge amount of time back, especially with the podcast support which was really time consuming. Would I recommend L.T. VA? Yes! To everybody

virtual assistant support plans

Barry Luff - Owner of Beacon Sales

Using these services has given me more time to concentrate on my business rather than doing the actual grunt work. A lot of the work they do is helping me reach potential clients. One of the benefits of using this service is that it gives you the flexibility to use it as and when you need to. I can pause my plan and pick it back up whenever I like. Anybody that's actually running a small business or looking to grow their business, this is a perfect opportunity to utilise someone else's skills.

virtual assistant support plans

Tracy McIvor - Owner of Staged2sell

I initially reached out to L.T. VA because I was getting overloaded on the admin things. I was spending too much time on it which was taking me away from things I should be doing in the business. I've never had to pause my plan, but I'm guessing it would be straightforward, everything with the team is straightforward. It's not always easy as a business owner to delegate but it's the best thing

Wave goodbye to stress and say hello to time-saving with our no-risk service

At L.T. VA Services, we genuinely appreciate that entrusting others with your tasks can be a challenging step. This understanding shapes our approach, as we tenderly guide our clients on their journey towards effective delegation. If you're feeling a bit hesitant about handing over the reins, we suggest beginning with our gentle support plan of 5 hours per month. This modest start gives you the space to cultivate a trusting relationship with your personal assistant, while gradually revealing the transformative power of delegation.

In our commitment to flexibility and your comfort, you're welcome to modify your plan as needed—cancel, pause, upgrade, or downgrade at your convenience. Plus, we offer the added advantage of rolling over unused time for up to 1 month. We're here to adapt to your pace and needs, ensuring the transition is as seamless as possible

admin and HR support
admin and R support for small businesses

Working with a VA agency instead of an independent freelancer means you never have to worry about finding cover if your regular personal assistant is on holiday or sick. We will match you with a replacement assistant which means you always have someone by your side. In the unlikely event, the relationship with your personal assistant does not work out, we'll work to find you a suitable replacement, which means you can get on with running your business hassle-free.

Ready to swap administrative stress for time-saving success? Click below to 'Grab a Time-Saving Chat' and start your journey towards enhanced efficiency with our expert virtual assistance. Your time is priceless, let's make the most of it together.

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